Web Site Outage 2021 03 31

For most of the day on March 31 2021 the web sites were not served due to a corrupted preferences file. No other services other than the visibility of web sites were affected. Mail, for instance continued to flow, and no data was lost. The problem has been solved.We apologize for the outage, but it was due to circumstances beyond our control, and ... Read More »

1st Apr 2021
Domain registration changes

We have made numerous upgrades to this support and accounting  interface and to the Nameman site. It is now much easier to register domains here in this interface.

26th Mar 2020
Domain price increases

The wholesale price of some domains has gone up, and our costs for registering domains has increased. Consequently, our prices have to increase.

26th Mar 2020
Revised policies

Please note our revised hosting policies located on


Sorry to have to be officious, but there are some pretty nasty people prowling the internet, and we have to protect both ourselves and our customers. Please do your own part to reduce email and web site abuse and spam.

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29th Jan 2013

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