Jan 2nd So far do good, but...

We think all the mail problems are resolved--until the next time... However, customers should be aware that we have had the ice storm of the century here in the lower mainland of BC, and both power and Internet have been off at times for extended periods. Servie cannot be expected to be as prompt as usual, so please be patient.

Dec 29th Email Problems

As most of you are aware, ther have been email troubles on our box in recent days. These were caused by:- a very determined spammer faking return addresses on our box- two settings files that became corruptIn one of the latter cases, a settings file had to be dumped. This contained some "bypasses" to allow some of you to send mail despite not ... Read More »

Dec 29th Domain price increase February 1 2018

The wholesale price of several domains is going up, and our costs for registering domains has increased as there is more "paperwork". All domain prices will have to increase by Februaary 1.

Jan 29th Revised policies

Please note our revised hosting policies located on


Sorry to have to be officious, but there are some pretty nasty people prowling the internet, and we have to protect both ourselves and our customers. Please do your own part to reduce email and web site abuse and spam.

Your hosts

Jul 2nd Domains can be registered here

If you prefer to have all your account details in one place, domains in the TLDs .com, .net, .org, .ca, .info, and .us  (and a few less common ones) can all be registered through the MAS interface. Note that when registering a .ca domain, you will get an email from CIRA (the registration authority) asking for confirmation. You will have to ... Read More »

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