Feb 1st Domain price increase February 1 2017

The wholesale price of .net domains has increased, and this is now reflected in our retail prices. A few other prices in the 2 and 3 year range and some prices in other currencies have also been adjusted.

Sep 2nd No more KAGI

We regret to inform you that the  KAGI payment processor we have used for over two decades has gone out of business. The preferred payment is now PayPal, and we do accept cheques, and square (only in person) but we will investigate alternatives.

May 12th New upgrades

We have today upgraded the Linux kermnal, the entire Cloud Linux suite of software, and this help desk. Please let us know if there are any issues.

Sep 22nd New Interface

We have now upgraded our MAS (Management/Accounting/Support) interface to a new version. We hope it will be more convenient. Onr new thing you can do is log on to your server cPanel directly from MAS. Just click on a product, and look at the left side menu for the log in command.

Jan 29th Revised policies

Please note our revised hosting policies located on


Sorry to have to be officious, but there are some pretty nasty people prowling the internet, and we have to protect both ourselves and our customers. Please do your own part to reduce email and web site abuse and spam.

Your hosts

Jul 2nd Domains can be registered here

If you prefer to have all your account details in one place, domains in the TLDs .com, .net, .org, .ca, .info, and .us  (and a few less common ones) can all be registered through the MAS interface. Note that when registering a .ca domain, you will get an email from CIRA (the registration authority) asking for confirmation. You will have to ... Read More »

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