Are your servers monitored?

Yes, we monitor them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 Can I access my domain address with or without the "www"?

You may access your domain address with or without the "www" in front of the domain name.

 Can I change the domain name that is listed on my hosting account?

Yes. Just ask, though not too often.

 Can I change the user name that is listed on my hosting account?

Yes. Just ask, though not too often.

 Can I create my site in my word processor and choose "save as html" or "save to web"?

This might work, but we very strongly discourage it. This is the worst possible way to create a...

 Can I host a porn site with you?

No. We do not permit pornography of any type on our servers. Such abuse will result in suspension...

 Do you allow cron jobs?

Yes. Within reason, you can set up your own CRON jobs to run in the background.

 Do you backup my site?

All server data is backed up daily, weekly, and monthly. We will try, but we do not guarantee we...

 Do you have a page of links to information on hosting and site creation?

We certainly do. Look for links in the documentation menu.

 Do you offer connection services?

No, nor do we recommend an ISP for net connection. Many people use the phone or cable company....

 Do you place advertisements on my page?

Absolutely not. We will never place any pop ads, banners, etc. on your website.

 Do you recommend the use of online templates and other automatic web page generation tools to create web sites?

Templates and on-line site generators may be adequate for small sites and for beginners. We...

 Do you support a Macintosh?

Sure. Just use Fetch or Interarchy as your FTP program, or create your site with BBEdit. We use...

 Do you support even Windows for site creation and browsing?

You should be able to use editors, site creation tools, and FTP programs that are Windows based...

 Does it make a difference what type of desktop computer I use?

No. Any kind of computer has software that allows you to develop web sites.

 How can I create a backup?

This option in your control panel allows you to compress your directories and/or files located in...

 How do I set up a cron job?

You do this from your control panel.

 How do I use Server Side Includes (SSI)?

Change the page extension to .shtml

 I don't have any experience in creating a site. Can you help me create my site?

We don't design any sites other than our own. You will need to use a web creation program...

 I don't need many other resources, but I need quite a bit of disk space. Do you have large block plans.

We do have large block plans. Check them out under our list of plans. We will also customize a...

 I want to get started right away, but my domain name hasn't gone live in the registry.

FTP or HTTP to your site's special address that we gave you in your welcome letter documentation...

 The default page still shows up even after I have uploaded my own index page.

You must delete the default index page we put there page before your index page will show up.

 What are Meta Tags?

These are lines that go in the "head" part of your site code. Meta tags for your "title",...

 What are doorway pages?

A doorway page is a page that is optimized to rank well on the search engines. Each search engine...

 What are your nameservers?

The welcome message has these, and so does the documentation page.

 What browser should I develop my site for?

You should test to Firefox, Mozilla, Camino, or Safari. iCab, OmniWeb, and Opera should also be...

 What browsers are supported by your software?

You should use Firefox, Mozilla, Camino, or Safari. iCab, OmniWeb, and Opera may also be good...

 What does "Add-on Domain" mean?

"Add-on Domain" means secondary domain parked on one of your subdomains of your current account....

 What is the path to my html directory?

/home/username/public_html/ Replace username with the username you signed up with for your...

 What operating systems are supported for viewing files and using my site?

Mac, Windows and Unix (Solaris and Linux).

 What resources do I need to use your web hosting services?

If you are viewing this page, you have all that is required to take advantage of our services--a...

 Where should I put my files?

The files go in the "public_html" or "www" directory. (The latter is an alias for the first, so...

 Why bother with a web site for my business?

People expect a professionally run business to have a web site these days.

 Why won't my cron job run?

Check your command expression, use the full path to the command.