Can I use Ajax technology on your server?

Certainly. Ajax depends only on JavaScript, which is available in browsers by default. Be...

 Can I use Java applets, JavaScript, and Flash pages on my site?

Yes. Those are client-side technologies, so the host doesn't have to do anything to support or...

 Do you allow customers to compile C programs for their sites.

No, access to compilers is turned off for security reasons.

 Do you let me use Telnet?

No. It is not necessary and is a security risk for all my customers. You wouldn't want them using...

 Do you support Python?

Yes, some of the server software is written in Python.

 Is Ruby installed on your server?


 What are PHP, Perl, Python, SQL, JavaScript, etc.?

Those acronyms refer to various features such as programming languages, databases, etc. that are...

 What version of Python do you have?

We use the latest stable version of Python."

 What version of software are you running?

You can check this from your control panel. We use the latest stable versions of the server and...

 Will I be able to setup a shopping cart on my website?

All our standard hosting plans include the ability to install a shopping cart.